Why Isn’t Endorsement of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Teens with Opioid Addiction a Bigger Deal?

Last fall, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a formal Policy Statement supporting the use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for adolescents and young adults with opioid use disorders.

Can We Stop Calling It “Medication-Assisted Treatment”?

If addiction treatment involves using medication, why must we call it by a different name and relegate it to the outskirts of the recovery community?

Is Ecstasy a Magic Bullet for PTSD?

This premature, fake, media-driven endorsement may tempt many PTSD sufferers to give Ecstasy a try on their own, before knowing if it works and the potential harms.

Growing Research Interest in Non 12-Step Support Groups – Slow But Sure

Funding and research interests have been largely directed toward the study of AA and its 12-steps, while the study of alternative support groups has been neglected.

Opiates: Understanding a Use Disorder

Let’s talk about the medical side of opiate use and detail the warning signs an individual might have with an abuse or dependency problem.

Self-Possession and the Art of Recovery

It is possible to identify some features of good recovery or successful remission without having to pledge allegiance to any particular side of the addiction debate.

Why the Limited Cookie-Cutter Approach to Recovery?

For change to happen, clients and family members must begin to demand that an individualized approach is taken with themselves or with a family member.

Should Addicts Be Patients or Prisoners?

When it comes to drugs, the United States has always had a split personality and a racist tilt.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Loved One Does NOT Recover

Let’s take a hard look at five recovery strategies that probably seem like good ideas in theory, but are doomed to fail.

Time to Up the Standards in the Addiction Treatment World (Part II)

I believe that treatment centers should only be owned and operated by people with a medical background, or who are licensed/certified personally under the appropriate state statute.