Setting Your Intention on Alcohol Recovery and Hope

As with anything in life, setting your intention with regards to alcohol is key. There are ample resources available to help you on your journey.

How is Exercise Addiction Treated?

Some preliminary protocols are being developed to address the problem of overzealous or otherwise unhealthy forms of exercise.

You Don’t Need to Have a Higher Power or Be “Spiritual” to Recover From Addiction – Even in AA

The finding that spirituality does not appear to be a big player for most people who benefit from AA should be good news for the many who are turned off by the “spiritual” side of AA.

When a Loved One Struggles With Addiction: Feeling YOUR Pain

Personally, I take issue with the notion that “addiction is a family disease.” Do we say that cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are family diseases?

A Journey Into the Soul: Sharing My Personal Ayahuasca Experience

The sky and the trees explode in intensely colorful geometric patterns. I’m mesmerized as they shift and change shapes.

Breaking News: Attorney General Escalates War on Drugs

Stuck in the midst of a constitutional mess, AG Sessions has managed to create another new and unnecessary drug policy mess.

Methadone Saved My Life: The Real Reason You Never Hear Those Words (Part I)

Stigma against methadone and buprenorphine isn’t just a social burden; it has real-world consequences.

Opioid Overdose, Benzos, and Anxiety Management Part II

This column takes an in-depth look at the “universal precautions” approach to anxiety, addiction, and benzo use.

Founding a Non-12 Step Support Group Meeting: SMART Recovery Philadelphia

Founding a local SMART Recovery meeting and to be part of that movement was one of the most empowering experiences of my life.

Is Pot a Good Treatment For Opioid Addiction?

As more and more states legalize it for medical indications, a number of addiction treatment programs are using pot as a substitute for people addicted to opioids.