5 Ways to Make Sure Your Loved One Does NOT Recover

Let’s take a hard look at five recovery strategies that probably seem like good ideas in theory, but are doomed to fail.

Time to Up the Standards in the Addiction Treatment World (Part II)

I believe that treatment centers should only be owned and operated by people with a medical background, or who are licensed/certified personally under the appropriate state statute.

My 2017 Wish List for Substance Use Disorder Treatment (Part II)

My 2017 wish list focuses on treating individuals with SUDs the same way people diagnosed with other disorders or illnesses are treated by our health system.

Repealing ObamaCare Could Decimate the Addiction Treatment Industry

Should the Party of Trump succeed in repealing ObamaCare, few industries would be harder hit than addiction treatment and mental health providers.

My 2017 Wish List for Substance Use Disorder Treatment (Part I)

Everything on this year’s wish list I could have included last year, the year before that, and before I wrote Inside Rehab.

TMI: Why Do I Know So Much About My Counselor’s Personal Life?

Self-disclosure by addiction treatment counselors has a long and illustrious history. The original alcohol and drug counselors were people in recovery themselves and their primary methodology was based on the 12-Step model. Essentially paid sponsors, they shared “experience, strength, and hope” with new clients as they worked their way through the 30-day program. In fact, […]

Addiction Whack-a-Mole: Why We Jump From One Fix to Another

Anecdotally, it’s not uncommon for someone who has recovered from one addiction to find himself or herself embroiled in a new problematic behavior – one that may pose a comparable threat to his or her wellbeing. How come a new fixation crops up just as a prior one is (seemingly) resolved? Several theories abound and […]

The “Tripping Cure”

Could we be on the cusp of a revolution in our field with the advent of the “tripping cure” – psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy?

How Do You Know if You Have a Drinking Problem? Look at the Problems Alcohol is Causing in Your Life

It’s often said, “If you think you have a drinking problem, you probably do.” But what does that mean?

Time to Up the Standards in the Addiction Treatment World!

In the addiction treatment world, the standards of professionalism are lower than any other field. Anyone can own a treatment center.