How Relationships Regulate Our Nervous System

The health of our relationships makes all the difference in how healthy we are, overall.

How Squashing an Addiction Helps You Master Other Life Challenges

Did you know that snuffing out an addiction can also empower people to improve other areas of their lives?

Sleeping Pills Are Addictive, Unsafe, and Ineffective

Sleeping pills are to be used short-term and only after the patient has been briefed on all the many problems they frequently cause.

My Journey Through Alcohol Dependence and Postpartum Psychosis

Once I became pregnant, I became truly afraid of having a child with fetal-alcohol syndrome. I was determined not to drink…for forty weeks.

Putting Space Back Down

Those of us who find ourselves in the supporting cast of characters need to put the space down and pick our own space back up.

Setting Priorities and Reframing the Holidays

One of the things that can cut down on holiday stress is using a three-list strategy to triage the “to-dos” at holiday time – or any time of the year.

Will the Magic Mushroom Help Dying Cancer Patients?

New research indicates one Psilocybin trip, lasting a mere eight hours, can reduce anxiety and depression in about 80% of cancer patients.

30,000 Feet: Taking the Mental Health Discussion Farther Than Ever Before

Once we commit to a solution for this issue on every societal level, it’ll be exciting to see what the quality of the human experience can be as we move forward.

When is Distraction a Good Thing?

Artfully deployed, self-distraction is particularly effective in staying sober or refraining from engaging in an activity we want to avoid.

The Overlap of Anxiety and Alcohol

Alcohol use disorder can sometimes present with anxiety – the latter of which affects about one-fourth of the United States population.