Reducing Drug Use or Reducing Harm: What Matters More? Interventions for Urban, Methamphetamine-Using Men Who Have Sex With Men

A number of interventions to reduce high-risk sexual behaviors and drug use among methamphetamine using MSM have been implemented.

Drug Crimes: A Look at Federal and State Laws

It isn’t hard to see why controlled substances are the focus of so much attention from legislators and law enforcement.

The Failed War on Drugs Marches On

The people who have become dependent on drugs (prescription or street) have always been the collateral damage of the “war on drugs.”

Too Little, Too Late: FDA Responds to Opioid Epidemic

Drugs get FDA approval based on limited research performed under exotic conditions by the very drug companies that stand to profit from positive research.

Should the NFL Let Players Use Pot for Pain?

The NFL is a serial practitioner of drug hypocrisy. It tightly controls relatively harmless pot, but condones dangerous opioid use.

A Detailed Look at DUI Laws and Penalties in the State of Florida

Florida state lawmakers have taken away some discretion of the county courts in determining the sentence of someone pleading to or found guilty of DUI.

A Ray of Hope for Substance Abuse Treatment

President Trump has picked a real winner for the Assistant Secretary for Mental Health: Dr Elinore McCance-Katz.

Breaking News: Attorney General Escalates War on Drugs

Stuck in the midst of a constitutional mess, AG Sessions has managed to create another new and unnecessary drug policy mess.

Methadone Saved My Life: The Real Reason You Never Hear Those Words (Part I)

Stigma against methadone and buprenorphine isn’t just a social burden; it has real-world consequences.

Spotlight on Self-Advocacy and Alcohol

Whether you believe yourself to be a moderate drinker or a teetotaler, it’s up to you to provide a full background of your alcohol use.