Understanding the Complex Process of Recovery

The transtheoretical model of change is a straightforward model towards understanding the complex stages involved in one’s path towards recovery.

How Does Residential Treatment Address Mental and Emotional Concerns?

In short, there is a tremendous need for residential treatment to address mental and emotional health concerns.

Reducing Drug Use or Reducing Harm: What Matters More? Interventions for Urban, Methamphetamine-Using Men Who Have Sex With Men

A number of interventions to reduce high-risk sexual behaviors and drug use among methamphetamine using MSM have been implemented.

How to Live with a Partner’s Substance Use Disorder

New thinking suggests that addiction evolves, in part, because of flawed attachment and those battling substance use actually need more connection than the rest of us.

Drug Crimes: A Look at Federal and State Laws

It isn’t hard to see why controlled substances are the focus of so much attention from legislators and law enforcement.

Practicing Gratitude Isn’t Just Pop Psychology – It May Help With Mental Health and Addiction

I was surprised to find a growing body of research supporting the value of practicing or expressing gratitude.

How the Japanese Deal With Alcohol

Social pressures to drink and the stigma around admitting that one has a problem make abstinence and harm reduction much more difficult in Japan.

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan: A Tool for Getting Through Crisis

WRAP focuses on helping the individual plan for crisis: first to avoid it, and then to help their loved ones understand their wishes should things get really bad.

What Drug and Alcohol Treatment Should Look Like: An Interview With Dr. Robert Schwebel

Recently, a new version of Dr. Robert Schwebel’s The Seven Challenges program was introduced for adults and is being piloted in a research project.

A Look at the Research Supporting Mindfulness in Addiction Treatment

Mindfulness can be an important and beneficial part of your recovery toolbox, as the evidence has shown over and over again.