Is Pot a Good Treatment For Opioid Addiction?

As more and more states legalize it for medical indications, a number of addiction treatment programs are using pot as a substitute for people addicted to opioids.

The Demise of For-Profit Addiction Treatment

The substance abuse treatment industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry – an enormous “cash cow” with very deep pockets.

Opioid Overdose, Benzos, and Anxiety Management (Part I)

When we’re bombarded with statistics about the “opioid epidemic,” often what gets lost in the picture is that overdoses commonly involve other drugs.

How Exercise Addiction Impacts Relationships

If you or someone you know is suffering from exercise addiction, it can be baffling to understand how best to broach the issue with them, let alone encourage them to get help.

An Inside Look at Youth in Recovery With Brooke Feldman

For young people, we shouldn’t make them identify as addicts or alcoholics. They can grow out of this moment.

Getting Your Brain Back Together After Benzo Withdrawal

Benzo withdrawal can be painful, but the benefits of getting your brain back – no longer having impaired cognitive function – are worth it.

President Trumping Prison Reform

President Trump is wrong on correctional issues in all sorts of ways, and some of them are very strange.

Preventing and Handling Recurrences (aka “Relapses”): What Clients Need Most From Addiction Treatment

Recurrences can be of particular concern for people who go to strict abstinence-based programs, where they’re told that any use of substances is a “relapse.”

Blaming the Victim: Trump and Mexico

We can’t blame Mexico for our drug problem. And we won’t find solutions by name calling. We must get our own act together.

How Should Gyms Handle Exercise Addicts?

Given the toll exercise addiction can take on the body and mind, a greater awareness about it is well overdue – especially in venues like gyms.