Preventing and Handling Recurrences (aka “Relapses”): What Clients Need Most From Addiction Treatment

Recurrences can be of particular concern for people who go to strict abstinence-based programs, where they’re told that any use of substances is a “relapse.”

Blaming the Victim: Trump and Mexico

We can’t blame Mexico for our drug problem. And we won’t find solutions by name calling. We must get our own act together.

How Should Gyms Handle Exercise Addicts?

Given the toll exercise addiction can take on the body and mind, a greater awareness about it is well overdue – especially in venues like gyms.

Suicide: The Epidemic Nobody’s Talking About

With all this attention being given to opioids, we are overlooking another silent killer that’s responsible for even more deaths: suicide.

Kenneth Anderson Talks Harm Reduction, Activism, and Challenges in the Field

Our revealing chat with Kenneth Anderson, founder of the international organization Harm Reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support.

5 Reasons Teens Use Marijuana

What makes a teen try marijuana? Looking for a single reason is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Global Warming and Substance Use Problems

Trauma suffered as a result of climate change and natural disasters can result in anxiety disorders, PTSD and substance abuse.

Can Connecting With Your Future Self Help You Beat an Addiction?

One of the ways to connect to your future self and be able to delay immediate gratification is to identify a “self-defining future memory.”

The Right Way – and the Wrong Way – to Deal With Our Opioid Epidemic

Drug companies and cartels kill 30,000 Americans a year, yet we see political hand waving, little action, and counterproductive mistakes.

Trump’s New Pot Policy

Seemingly, the Trump administration will be putting itself in opposition to the states taking a more permissive view of pot.