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How Improperly Detoxing Can Kill You

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young man experiencing effects of detoxing at homeDrugs and alcohol have major effects on the body, from disruption of normal bodily functions to accelerated aging. Over time, you can develop tolerance to drugs or alcohol, and you might find yourself taking more and more of the substance in order to have the same effects. The more drugs or alcohol you take, the more difficult it will be when you try to quit.

When all is said and done, many addicts will try to quit at some point, but many fail when they lack a properly structured detox program. Quitting drug or alcohol abuse is difficult, because improperly detoxing can cause withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to overcome without medical help. These withdrawal symptoms can include physical discomfort, hallucinations, and seizures that make it hard to stay off the addictive substance. Heart attacks, severe overheating, and hypoglycemia can also be a problem.

If you’re physically dependent on medication, drugs, or alcohol, it means your body needs the substance to function properly. The sudden removal of the substance literally causes your body to stop working correctly and can put you in a world of hurt. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be severe; sudden withdrawal can cause brain damage, seizures, heart palpitations, and other effects that can result in hospitalization or death.
Drugs can cause similar side effects during withdrawal, and you might face hallucinations, abnormal body temperatures, body sweats, mood changes, and more.

If you’re planning on quitting drugs or alcohol, you should taper your usage, gradually decreasing it to eliminate the body’s need for the substance over time. The likelihood is that you’ll face less serious withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, vomiting, shakes, and nausea, but these are not usually life threatening unless you become dehydrated or have an accident due to working or driving when you’re supposed to be monitoring your symptoms. You may have emotional symptoms as well, like mood swings, confusion, or depression, and these can make it hard to stick to the detox program or rehab treatment.

Quitting cold turkey is never a good idea when it comes to an addiction, no matter what you’ve chosen as your poison. In fact, quitting a drug is best done with the supervision of a doctor, because you can determine a detox process that will work for you. A doctor can even use medications to help reduce withdrawal; with some serious drug problems, these medications are literally lifesavers. A doctor can also monitor your symptoms and increase your dosage of certain medications when needed.


Withdrawal from benzodiazepines can kill; these are drugs like Xanax or Valium. After long-term use, you’ll need medical supervision to make sure you don’t have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. It can take up to six months to properly stop this type of medication when it has been abused.

Opiates are not commonly deadly when quit cold turkey, but there are exceptions to every rule. Methadone, a replacement for heroin, is one of those exceptions. If it is taken in high doses for a long time, withdrawal can cause seizures, heart problems, and breathing difficulties. What makes it more ironic is that this drug is used to reduce withdrawal symptoms from drugs like heroin.

Improperly completing a rapid-detox program can also cause death. These popular methods quickly rid the body of the drug, but negative side effects are common, since these methods don’t address the patient’s physical dependence on the drug.

The body reacts severely because the chemical processes in the brain are being disrupted; alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, and others interfere with the GABA receptors in the brain. The GABA system is the body’s main down regulator, and withdrawal causes it to go crazy.

There are ways to make withdrawal easier, though. With serious drug or alcohol problems, a medical detox may be advised to make sure you don’t suffer through symptoms that could end up killing or seriously injuring you. Once you’re past the worst of it, you could try replacing your electrolytes, eating complex carbohydrates to make sure you don’t develop hypoglycemia as a side effect of withdrawal, and taking vitamin B, which helps heal cells, like the nerves that are damaged by drug or alcohol abuse.

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  • Sams_1

    May Jesus help all of you who need it-and we all do. I send out a special prayer for you. Look at my avatar and know that HE also sent HIS Angels as well as the addiction devil

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc2GE-5DkyU Devon

      You’re insane. seek help.

  • Danny Gunter

    I can tell you from experience if your going to quit drinking and you physically addicted get medical help. I quit cold turkey on my own BIG mistake! About five hours after my last drink I started having withdrawal symptoms it started with I thought I was loosing my mind and seizures . It got worse and my heart was beating all over the place crazy I thought was going to die. It lasted 3 or 4 hours the worst of it. The last time was because I can’t even have one drink without being addicted all over again. To make a long story short get medical help if your addicted and if you drink again you might have to go through it all over again.

    • Noah

      5 hours?? What were the first few symptoms?

      • Danny Gunter

        The first symptoms it was like I was having a severe panic attack I mean severe. I thought DT’s meant detox but it stands for delirium tremens which means feels like your losing your mind! The other thing was the way my heart was beating it was all over the place. I quit drinking but I’ve tried to again stupid me and I’ve found out if I drink so much as one beer I’m hooked again and have to go through it all over again! So as much as I loved drinking beer that’s it for me I have no choice.

      • Danny Gunter

        The first symptoms it was like I was having a severe panic attack I mean severe. I thought DT’s meant detox but it stands for delirium tremens which means feels like your losing your mind! The other thing was the way my heart was beating it was all over the place. I quit drinking but I’ve tried to again stupid me and I’ve found out if I drink so much as one beer I’m hooked again and have to go through it all over again! So as much as I loved drinking beer that’s it for me I have no choice.

      • tmaca

        See my response to Mr. Gunter’s original post.

    • tmaca

      NOTE: Addictiuon is addiction, but alcohol and opiate addiction are very different, as are the withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal causes things like seizures and sometimes even coma, which opiate witrhdrawal does not. Non-medically supervised alcohol withdrawal carries a pretty high chance of permanent brain damage or even death, which opiate withdrawal does not. This is why people hosoitalized withdrawing from alcohol normally receive medications, while people withdrawing from opiates normally do not.

      • Wendy Gillespie

        Actually, the benzo(diazepene),Klonopin can cause seizures if you go off it too fast. I’m about a week off my final .25 mg of Klonopin and have symptoms similar to that of seizures and minor stroke, so off to leave my doctor a message right now. I was on Klonopin 2-4mg (and Ativan as needed) for 20+ years. The first time I went into full on WITHDRAWAL she had me go back on my final two (2) 0.5mg tabs for (2) weeks. Then half of that (final 0.25 mg) last week, If you’ve read this far CALL YOUR DOCTOR before going off ANY BENZODIAZEPNE! ;)

  • Bob LaFlamme

    I died for 5 minutes from acute alcohol withdrawal and I was in the hospital for 3 weeks then rehab for 2 weeks to learn to walk again among other things. It was pure hell. I was also in a coma for about 6 days. NEVER EVER TRY THIS WITHOUT MEDICAL HELP! It’s a horrible way to die.

  • Joseph Bellis

    Can qutting “Subutex” not Suboxone hurt you if you just suddenly quit cold turkey after being on 16mg a day for over 3 years

    • tmaca

      First, some information. Subutex is bubrenorphine, in a form designed to be taken sublingually (under the tongue).Buprenorphine is a partial opoid agonist. In simple terms, this means that it works like an opiate, but not as strongly. It was researched, developed, ant tested in the 1990s, with a view mainly to replacing methadone as a treatment for opiate addicts. Subutex has the advantage over methadone of not sometimes causing potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms, perhaps because it has a limited effect so an addiction is not so strong, and it also has less of a respiratory depressive effect. While subutex will prevent opiate wirhdrawal symptoms, it is limited. For example, if someone has an addiction that would require more than 40 milligrams of methadone, subutex is unlikely to work. As for suboxone, it is just buprenorphine (subutex) mixed with naloxone. It was developed because some people were crushing subutex and snorting or injecting it, which increased the chances of an overdose. From a withdrawal point of view, subutex and suboxone are identical. The only difference between the two is the naloxone in suboxone. When taken sublingually, almost none of the naloxone gets into the system. But snorted or injected, the full dose of naloxone does get into the system, cancelling the effects of all opiates, and putting the person into instant withdrawal. As to being “hurt” by quitting subutex, it depends what you mean. it won’t actually damage or kill you, but you will go into opiate withdrawal and maybe wish you died. If you’re still using subutex, I would not suggest trying cold turkey. What you should do is to slowly reduce your dose until you’re down to 2 mg, the lowest you can practically go because that’s the lowest dose tablet, then quit. You’ll still go through withdrawal, but it won’t be as bad as it would if you quit while taking 16mg.

      • Ms.bishop704

        They don’t make subutex anymore for that reason,it could being crushed!

        • Michael Terry

          Of course they still make “Subutex” (it’s just sold as plain Bupenorphine, but yes, it can be crushed.) I prefer it over Suboxone only because it’s about 1/3 the price.

      • Brodyn June

        no way not true you can get respiratory depression real bad and even die from not breathing

  • janet goree

    Can anyone direct me to any search on Psychosis from improper methadone withdrawal?

    • Jason Cataldo

      im experiencing the same thing. I’ve been off methadone for 4 months and I still feel awful constantly… like I am going to jump out of my skin and explode.

    • Pat Hutchison

      Sure. Google “psychosis from improper methadone withdrawal”

    • I am ME

      How are you doing? I am experiencing chaotic brain experiences but I am rather enjoying this part of the withdrawal as the seem to come during the better parts of the day. I have been a self taught meditator for almost 2 decades… It so helped with physical pain… Now, it’s like my brain will go full trip to even protect me from the withdrawal symptoms… I will research as i can

  • mak

    I think I’m going through withdrawal. I have epilepsy, my pre-seizure is always an anxiety sensation. So my neurologist prescribed 3 .5mg xanax a day, for the past 5 years. I went to pick up a refill, the pharmacy said the doc never called it in. I called my doctors office and his nurse told me that my doctor said no more. I had a stronger than usual seizure, and I can’t sleep. I’ve read that I should slowly lower my dose to quit. That cold turkey can cause seizures and insomnia, among other things. I’m at a loss here, why would a neurologist expect cold turkey when I already have seizures? What should I do? Go from 3 a day, to 0?

    • http://mylifeas3d.blogspot.com/ DeanDD

      mak… I would get in touch with your doctor immediately and discuss this with him. Tell him that stopping cold turkey is dangerous–he should already know this!–and that you’re willing to wean off of it. I took Klonopin, another benzodiazepine, as prescribed by my doctor for a few years. When I finally wanted to get off of it, he weaned me off of it very gradually. It took a couple of YEARS of weaning before I was completely off of it. I actually got frustrated with the weaning process and tried to stop it cold turkey. I got so sick I couldn’t believe it. Weaning is the only way to get off of benzos. Period. If your doctor isn’t willing to do this for you, he is being negligent. If your doctor won’t do it, I would seek out another doctor or even go to the ER and explain your situation. Believe me, you will experience nasty withdrawal symptoms. And you shouldn’t have to. Good luck, my friend.

    • Shawn Bradley

      Dude you can sue your doctor for that…hes putting your life in danger

    • Rob De la Hunty

      That is so wrong

    • Matthew Ray

      1.5mgs of Xanax daily is a tiny dose. You would feel hardly any if no withdrawal from that!

  • Rhonda Baker Cohen

    Awesome advice. Need alcohol rehab for husband. This helps.

  • poppynidaba

    if the Scottish Prison Service employed doctors who knew about the severity of BzD withdrawals, it may save lives; I was sentenced to 2 years and despite my prescription at the time of clonazepam 2mg qds and alprazolam 2mg tds, I was ‘detoxed’ over SEVENTEEN days, starting at 60mg diazepam daily – NO clonazepam – and almost immediately went into withdrawals. The prison doctor did not believe it possible… After SIX MONTHS I began to suffer seizures. Since, by the time a doctor saw me, I had stopped fitting, they did not medicate me at all. This was the first seizure i had suffered since starting clonazepam 8 years previously.
    From then, I started to suffer all sorts of unpleasant symptoms and often could not walk more than a few metres before suffering what semed like a panic attack.
    I was accused of ‘malingering’ but the worst was to come – within a few days of release I suffered a stroke. I attempted to get legal redress for inappropriate treatment but was thrown out of court; I have two things to go up for shortly and am literally getting frightened to death in case this happens again and I am incarcerated in one of those institutions who refuse to give any BzDs at all except the aforementioned ‘detox’.
    I am so worried that I suffered a few episodes of TIA over the last couple of months and am ever more terrified of another full stroke.
    What on earth can I do?

    • Rob De la Hunty

      Professor heather ashton has a guide on withdrawing from Benzos

      • Raj

        Please see your doctor and local drug and alcohol services before considering benzo withdrawal
        I knew very little about the dangers and stopped from 25mg/day of valium and experienced the worst symptoms, shaking, sweating, heart palpitations, worse than any drug withdrawal I had ever experienced and Ive kicked methadone and heroin and I thought if I could do that with no structured help it could be done with Valium as easy if not easier.Was I in for a shock.
        After a week of worsening symptoms and no sleep, not bad sleep, absolutely no sleep, I was starting to hallucinate and have panic attacks on top of increasingly frightening physical symptoms.
        I live on my own and somehow managed to concentrate enough to phone a cab to take me to hospital at 2am despite really struggling to understand how my phone works and with very odd vision.
        The next thing I remember is coming round on the kitchen floor , its an hour later I look at my phone and there is many missed calls from the cab co. Then I phone for an ambulance….
        I was lucky i fell across a pile of stuff that broke my fall so I didnt hit my head, I cracked three ribs which hurts like crazy and i feel like I am 80 yrs old instead of 58 but with help from my lovely doctor and the drug agency i will hopefully make a slow but full recovery and rid myself of this addiction.
        My worry is what happened when I lost consciousness, I have no memory of blacking out or fitting , one minute I was thinking ” only another 10 minutes and the taxi will be taking me to a better place ” and then it seems to be an hour later .
        If you want to stop benzos get help , read online , dont do what this fool did , I could have died easily .My three fantastic children and my soon to be born grandchild would have a stupid senseless tragedy to cope with.

  • Marilyn N Steve

    How do I get help for someone in jail. He was on suboxone and a nurse in his unit accused him of being a dealer and trafficker, which is not true, a suboxone tablet fell out of his mouth, long story, us believe me, nothing nefarious on his part, I am at a loss trying to get him help, prison doctors won’t listen, superintendent, politicians, ombudsman, going anywhere and everywhere I can, I just learned that he has had 3 seizures this week, no one of course contacted us, and he was rushed to the hospital with one of them because he hit his head…doctors will still not allow him suboxone for which he was taking 24 mgs for a year and a half…they now have him off it totally, and withdrawal was done 8mgs at a time within 3 days of each dropping…how can I help this guy…anyone please, ombudsmen said he can have an outside doctor visit him, but who the heck do you get when they put you somewhere far off the beaten path. The seizures have never occurred before in his life, till this withdrawal was done

    • StarvingArtist

      I need the same advice. A life-long friend of mine was recently arrested last Friday. He’s on methadone maintenance. He’s being denied visits saying he’s in a holding cell? It’s makes no sense. I think he’s in severe withdrawal and they’re not treating it. Put it this way; he’s in a small, backwoods county jail here in Alabama. While I love my state, I do NOT love our local justice system. Rapists are allowed to walk free if they have enough money to pay off the judges but you can get arrested and incarcerated with a high bond for drugs.

    • CACrazy

      Unfoutanatly there is very little you can do for someone in prison/jail. You can continue to call there councilor and threaten to go to newspapers or news. But this is a classic jail time story. They will cut people’s meds even the mentally ill for no reason. I’m sorry this is happening to him.

  • William

    My wife died 3.5 years ago after detoxing herself from opiates. Autopsy showed she had no trace of opiates in her. They ruled it a heart attack. Short version of a long story… over many years of her struggling with addiction, bipolar, back problems including stenosis, scoliosis and fractured spine. Poor access to treatment in rural area. Doctors refusing to see her for legitimate back problems. Pain clinics she went to kept getting raided and shut down. I didn’t know what to do. Sad.

    • Steve

      And it is getting worse. We need to stop attacking the medication itself, and the doctors who prescribed it. But we do need more treatment available for those who wish to stop for any reason, and we need to crack down on those who sell them illegally, A trade which I am certain it has become a booming business with politicians looking to shut down every pain management center.
      When I entered pain management, I was suicidal the pain was so bad. I actually looked at the train schedule. Pain management saved me and gave me back my life. I don’t crush anything I don’t snort anything I don’t take more than I need. One will never see me mix things that shouldn’t be mixed. I take one specific painkiller, and perhaps three times a month something to help me sleep if I develop insomnia, a common side effect but worth it. The past year or two, it has been hell. I now have a regular doctor, but the constant threat of them shutting down all of the pain management places is causing stress related problems now. Heart palpitations, among other things. I hear the politicians talk about how many people have died from opiates, and my question would be how many people have died who have taking them as prescribed? I’m not talking about kids with sprained ankle’s who are given Percocets which is ridiculous. I can live with a lot of pain but not the pain I had in my neck. If the doctor prescribes both Xanax and pain killers, they should immediately lose their license because they don’t know what the hell they are doing. People who mix those two things are asking for death. People who go through their months worth of pain medication in a week or asking for death. People who sell their drugs, and wind up getting kids hooked should be put in prison for life. I knew I was going to become addicted the day I went in there and spoke with my pain management Doctor Who made it perfectly clear there was no way around it. The alternative was to live in the worst possible pain 24 hours a day, and pretty much not sleep for more than three minutes at a time anymore. The medicine saved me. And if I met anyone on the street, they would never, ever know I took any medication. I have seen people who should never be given this medicine. I believe it is something that will show from day one. Those are the people who are told to take three or four pills per day, and immediately have to take eight or 10, even those who never Took pain medicine. They go out of their minds when they can’t get it even though they are not yet physically addicted. Those are the people who should never be prescribed pain medicine. I believe that early monitoring can greatly reduce the number of people who are going to be problems. I hope to God I never lose this life-saving treatment, and I feel very bad for your wife who had to choose between living and dying, because a small percentage of people are incapable of using the medicine properly, and others were unable to keep their children out of medicine cabinets, causing a major problem with school kids, who inevitably will turn to heroin because of the price. I wonder how many people currently taking thank killers will wind up on heroin or have already been forced into going to heroin because they have worst legitimate treatment, or been cut so low that it does nothing for the pain anymore.
      So when I read some politician talking about people dropping like flies, I would love to see the data, and whether these people were legitimately taking the medicine, or were they mixing medicines illegally, or were they never prescribed the medicines, or were they also using heroin, or taking massive doses or crushing them and snorting them were mixing them with alcohol. All of these questions must be asked when you see numbers of people dying. I would bet that less people die from taking pain medicine legitimately, as prescribed, without mixing anything else, then will die from taking many other common medications.
      By the way, when I say as prescribed, I should say that the prescription should be open to interpretation. Anyone who has pain, and any Doctor Who truly knows about it, knows that pain does not stay the same from the time you get up until the time you go to sleep until the time you get up. In general, you will need a little more in the morning, you will need a little more in colder weather and in humid weather, depending on your injuries. And there are times when you will need less when you, or I rather, will cut the pills in half to not take more than I actually need. That one pill every six hours just makes no sense to anyone who lives with chronic pain. There are going to be times when you don’t have to take one, and can’t get bion a half, there are times where you can’t go more than four hours, and there are times when you can go eight hours. That is the reality. Unfortunately, I believe it’s the FDA, there has to be a dosage given, although as needed was always excepted, and is excepted with many medications, I don’t know if that is true of pain medicine anymore. Good luck to anyone stopping, and I hope there are plenty of places available to assist. And good luck to those who need the pain medicine, take it only as a pain medicine, and let’s hope they don’t take this life-saving drug and flush it down the toilet forcing us back to a life of constant suffering.

  • Renee Kielas

    Honey you don’t want to die , I know how you feel ,, I’m detoxing myself right now from methadone,, It’s a bitch but I know I can do it..
    Don’t give up hope you got this.

  • EM Matthei

    I have been on methadone 60 mg daily, then weaned to 30mg day. Pain management is scared cuz CDC posted new black box warnings. I was ok with dosing down initially until i tore my rotator cuff (completely) and required immediate surgery. The surgery would involve post-op pain medication in the form of Oxycodone 5 mg tablets. I arranged this completely with the pain management company and my practitioner as per their narcotics contract which I signed. However my practitioner abruptly left the company and I was assigned to a Witch of a nurse practitioner who did not care whether I was post-op or not and dropped me as 4 using the oxycodone postoperatively and during therapy. She provided a final 5 mg methadone prescription for one month, did not refill my Gabapentin and called in a prescription for clonidine with no directions. My pharmacist said that her handling of this issue was inappropriate. I had to run to my family doctor bawling all the way. Fearful of withdrawal issues which I am now going through. I have no energy I have no appetite and I am supposed to start a new job in less than a week. (This was with a very famous pain management clinic that has grown significantly with Leaps and Bounds.) Avoid them at all costs. From 3 clinics to 30 in 10 years. $3,000 for a back injection, that’s the doctor’s fee and $3,000 for the surgical table which the doctors ALSO own
    equal $6,000 per injection billed to your insurance. Then they give you three a year and keep calling you back every 1- 2 months. Be wary. If anybody can tell me how long does the lack of energy last. I’ve been off 6 days and have to start a new job next week. I am going crazy. I have had 3 cervical fusions in addition to the rotator cuff and an appendicitis and E coli last year sidelined me in the hospital for 12 days. I’ve been diagnosed with severe bursitis in both hips and have arthritis throughout my body. Im only 52 but feel 70. To go from 12 Years of pain management narcotics to Tylenol has left me miserable. I hope the headaches will go away, six days off and still I’d rather be dead. I don’t wish this on my worst enemy and right now life doesn’t seem worth much.

    • George Brossault

      3 weeks. You’ll feel better after about 3 weeks.. 1 week of withdrawls, 2 weeks of sleeplessness. After that, withdrawls can occur during lunar cycles, for years or forever. You just gotta take it one day at a time. You can get on methadone or suboxone, and drop 2mg per week and it’s far more manageable. Could take a year or more tho on a replacement program. Good luck.

    • I am ME

      I just got cut from 90 mg a day for over 17 years to NOTHING! Mark my words. This will KILL me and nobody will have to pay except for my family.

      • Whitney Amanda

        Are you doing ok? Did you go in to detox? Me and my husband just got cut from 140mg bc we are having finacial issues bc hes out of work from a bad wreck. We are on day four and want to die. So l deff feel you. Im sorry it really is horrid?

        • Shayna Rose DiGirolamo

          It’s the worst detox ever I was cut from the program. They said I couldve been a suicide risk. So they took me off 180 I’m on day 32

          • I am ME

            How ya doin?

        • I am ME

          I am into 6th or 7th week and still feel no energy. I am sleeping aprox 4-5hrs a night tops… ICK but not awful!!!

        • Joni Deen

          I’m on day 5 And have had no water or food or sleep

          • Jowita Fraś

            Aww, this is lifethreatened, man… it’s painful enough to even listen to it and ‘witness’ it, so to say. How are you doing right now? It’s took awhile, right? Stay safe over there. J.

            • I am ME

              I have turned a major corner. Post withdrawal remains. My energy remains low but depression remains at bay. I have no opiate urges. I only used the alcohol for a week or so and it worked. I have not taken a Valium in weeks and I just went to my first 2 live concerts since my CT which kicked in right after this years “Peach Fest”. I am weak with pain but surviving with hope. My wife is simply amazing and beautiful. I am lucky.

          • corey

            did you make it through? im on day 3 and im scared and alone.

      • Brit

        Omg are u okay????? I feel like this is going to kill me too

      • Jowita Fraś

        OMG, this sounds like a f****** mess what I’m reading here guys. I was on methadone maintenance for 17 year, enjoyed all the privileges,2 weeks long take-homes, what is considered as a real treat where I do live, never ever have positive tested for any other substances excepting methadone etc. … Been so happy not to need to bother about my worst nightmare scenario and trauma again-cold turkey’ withdrawal was that monstrosity I truly believed and expected never to happen to me again, as I joined the methadone treatment. It became one of the very few surities/certaintities in my life, not to be incriminated, incarcerated and enforce to go cold turkey whenever again. I got kicked out of the programm out of the sudden, so said, as they replaced the former doctor in charge with some new ‘shrink’ which is not only completely ignorant and uneducated as for drug addiction terms but also an inveterate self-righteous, smug person that just seem to hate users and doesn’t care at all, as if single human life meant nothing to him. He denied me(and the other patients as well) using even the tiniest amounts of benzodiazepines though they were legally prescribed to us by the prior doctors in the same clinic. First he cancelled my take-homes and told me he wants to see me in his psych ward ready to subject to the ‘treatment’ he runs (cold turkey as I believe, hands down). As I said ‘no’ since I haven’t seen any good reason to do it after being legally administered and prescribed them for so long and stuck strictly to the schedule, never abused etc., he cut me off without of any tapering or so. I was trying to switch for a bupe but it was a real drudgery. I probably wouldn’t have slept a wink a month long or so if I weren’t able to get some additional benzos prescribed-needless to say I was about to develope another one, extra habit. I have been on ‘just’ 25 mg of the ‘done each day as cut off, now it’s 2nd year since I am scoring illegal again…Does it make any sense? I have to really recoil as I hear you talking about cold turkey kick. Sounds really bloodcurdling. I couldn’t even figure myself to be able to make it through. You guys are really brave. I do really feel for every person kicking at the time and hope you will be able to find at least some tiny relief soon. God bless you, whatever does it mean.

      • Dawn Cooper

        From What? There has to be a mistake. It is negligent. Personally I would risk getting it off the streets until you find someone …. an expert …. Who who can urgently help you. This is out of order. Please keep us up to date. You must go to hospital and shout about what is going on. You don’t say what it is You were taking….

        • AnimeAunty

          Sadly, it doesn’t matter what, how long, or how much med you’ve taken. Dr’s r being threatened with jail time, fines, or loss of license. This makes them, against their training & professional judgement, stop providing any pain meds cold turkey. Which for many means at best, a complete loss of any quality of life & at worst, loss of life.
          Nobody cares, they just want us to go away & die quietly. Most who die from extended narcotic withdrawal don’t even get recorded that way so we don’t even know how many people it actually kills. Cause of death n these cases is usually recorded as the results of the SYMPTOMS such as heart failure. The statistics record that instead of what caused the failure. It’s sad, it’s torture, it’s ugly, & it’s wrong but not only will it not get better, it’s going to get worse. I’m facing losing my last legal source of meds & I’ve been high dose methadone for 25 years, withdrawals will likely kill me.

  • Lou

    I was on 30mg methadon for 8months. I am now on day 10 cold turkey with no help or any other medication it’s been horrible. But I’m getting very short of breath this is my 3rd day of bein breathless. Is this normal in a home detox. Any one with any advice I’d be so so grateful

    • Brett Jamond

      Whenever I try quitting alcohol cold turkey, I get short of breath. I mean I breath normally, but it’s like I’m not breathing at all.

    • Susan Gibson

      I’d love an update on how you are doing now? Methadone withdrawal is dangerous because of how it effects your breathing… please let us know…

  • Niki

    Smh… That’s called the flu…
    Lunar cycles..?

  • http://mylifeas3d.blogspot.com/ DeanDD

    Sa… I’m sorry to hear about your husband, but I’m glad he’s okay. And I’m glad you shared your story, too. It will help reinforce to people that detoxing from alcohol can be incredibly dangerous. It’s always best to detox under the supervision of medical professionals. Better safe than sorry. I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers. I hope he makes a full recovery very soon.

  • Turbosloth

    Got to be real careful with alcohol withdrawals, should have weened himself off or went straight to the hospital where they could’ve given him drugs like ativan/lorazepam for prevention of seizures and probably another drug for blood pressure with IV fluids to keep him hydrated. It’s certainly a tough lesson and should help with recovery.

  • Tracy Gibbs

    my husband went thru medical detox in a hospital almost 4 weeks ago. He went in 3 days after his last use of heroin. What was supposed to be a 3 day thing turned into 7. During his hospital stay he fell and hit his head and messed his tailbone up. Did CT scan at the time nothing showed wrong. On the 6th day because he had been in bed all week sedated more so.. PT was going to get him up and moving around only to find he was so week from not eating he couldn’t walk. They then sent him to a Physical Rehabilitation hospital for 12 days. During the first 5 days did pretty much nothing helping him a little PT and OT had a psychologist come see him one that week determined he was depressed.. . During his stay in the PT hospital, he began having hallucinations again as well as talking gibberish and not understanding why he was there. He wasn’t making sense at all.. this would come and go his memory was way behind.. in the night time was the worst.. I know that addicts will go thru PAWS but during the last few days he was there it began to get worse found out they had put him on Remeron. He was totally out of it. They refused to do another CT scan at my request to check for brain bleed.. said it is part of his healing the way he was acting. I stopped giving it to him when i brought him home this past Saturday. He now has psychotic episodes of slurring speech, weakness on one side, has to have home health care for continued PT, OT and ST – nights again are the worst. He has experienced some issues of withdrawals at night – he’s depressed.. haven’t even started on the NA meeting because he has no comprehension of what is happening half the time. I’m at a loss what should I do? Should I find a psychiatrist or neurologist or what? You mention anything like why do you want to go do this or that… talking about how he was in his “past” and don’t know if it’s current thoughts or past thoughts or what but i know he’s not right. Help please..

    • James dawson

      Wish I knew the answer. I detoxed cold turkey after 12 year addition. All pain clinics have stopped helping real chronic pain. I walk in , my Dr said, cant write any more SCRIPTS.
      11 pain clinics would not even give me an appointment.
      Called 2 methadone rehab, im 65 and they don’t take you if you are older than 55.

  • schufosi777

    No detox in Japan, most people just suicide anyway here. In Australia, where I come from, so called medical professionals just treat you like total garbage. So I will just google lots of information and do it myself. This site was very informative. Thanks.

  • Rose

    Hi , my husband had serious back surgery last january in a private hospital in Dublin . It was not a success he is worse off than he was for the previous year before the op . Since January he is in 23 tabs a day 4 controlled drugs . His go was concerned and asked the pain specialist in the team he was under to start reducing but he said no because the pain was still so bad , we had appoint with same specialist last Monday , I went in also and tried to say how unwell my husband is about his sweats and moods to be shot down and told it normal and that next step is spinal nerve stimulation , Tuesday my husband went crazy attached me in front off our 4 children and I believe he could have killed me , he then took an overdose . He is in a general hospital and in a chair as no beds , I’ve been told he is like a heroin addict and he was having withdrawal and highs at same time because of the tabs that what caused this . He is crying to come home as he is so tired and in pain and I’m scared he is going to be discharged as there are no beds and he will be detoxes at home , my children are petrified and don’t feel safe if he in house , I don’t know what to do , I’m feeling sick with exhaustion at this moment , what can I do , R

    • Rebbecca

      GeezI can’t believe no one answered you. I think maybe it sounds like he needs a treatment program. I can’t tell from your letter if he is a heroin addict, maybe pills, either way he will need inpatientor outpatient treatment so 1xof you must pick up thephone and call. God bless you and give a kiss to your kids for me. Hope this helps.

  • Michelle

    My husband died on August 25th due to methadose withdrawl. He was denied his script for fill had to leave to go to work (he worked on the rd) and 6 days later he was gone. Medical examiner found no other reason for his death.

    • AnimeAunty

      I’m so sorry Michelle. If u don’t already talk to God try to start. I & my husband will soon b facing a similar fate due to the lack of insight of those dictating medical policy from a position of government. Dr’s r too afraid to provide meds.

      Again, I’m so sorry for ur loss & I pray strength & grace for u.

    • corey

      omg, i am so sorry. That really scares me because im on day 2 of no methadone with no help and im petrified. I dont know what do, im just really scared.

  • Ya Boy

    I understand many addictions like alcohol…but heroin? What makes people ever think of even trying it in the first place. I always saw it as a dirty drug, the same as meth. Never touched it. Tried coke, weed, alcohol, some painkillers, but never found the appeal of heroin. I just don’t understand it.

    • James

      The main reason we try heroin is because we get addicted to pain meds and there very expensive to maintain a habit, I mean $8-$10 for a 7.5 vicodin and you need like 5 of them to even feel a buzz… you can’t do that every day without major financial problems, personally when I started on pain meds and then I couldn’t get my hands on them and u started drinking lean to ease the symptoms and then that became very expensive and eventually someone offered white China heroin laced into a joint and asked if I wanted a hit and then I started smoking white China and that led me to snorting because a small amount got me very messed up, I fortunately never IVd heroin, but after the heroin got expensive I moved on to doing fentanayl and luckily I got clean after a while and it was the best thing that happened, but It still haunts me with the cravings and the problems that led me to use, but I see what you mean with the “dirty drugs” I’ve pretty much done every drug besides the crazy stuff like flakka, bath salts and meth, because they always seemed horrific to me, I never really saw heroin as that bad because it was a white powder and I looked just like the pills I was snorting,

      • Jaylene Jo Tennier

        I’m not trying to be mean but ppl who use pain meds to get buzzed ruin it for those who really truly need them.

    • Rebbecca

      I did it by accident I thought I was smoking hash. I also had friends that did black tar. But you got to be a real outcast to have friends like that.

    • corey

      alot of people resort to heroin because they run out of meds and cant deal with the withdrawals. Really thats all it takes. And when your in a full blown withdrawal, you are so mentally defeated and just want it to end so youll literally do almost anything to make it stop. Thats how I ended up snorting H one time. Im a methadone user for chronic pain but my meds got dropped and i had no other options at the time.

  • Disturbed

    I have been an addict pretty much my entire life.Im 41 years old.Ive tried every drug out there but heroin and my drugs of choice are meth xanax and pain meds.Methadone. to be more precise but will take any i can take to ease my pain as im also a chronic pain sufferer.Im bipolar ptsd generalized anxiety

  • Iain

    My son died when I asked him to stop drinking sort himself out and he went cold turkey. He hallucinated leaving messages saying the voices were scaring him and took his own life. So be careful. I will never forgive myself.

    • http://mylifeas3d.blogspot.com/ DeanDD

      Iain… I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s death. I can’t imagine the heartache you feel. That said, please don’t feel guilty or blame yourself. Like Al-Anon teaches us about a loved one’s addiction: “You didn’t cause it, you can’t control it, and you can’t cure it.” This isn’t your fault. Honest. I’m sending you lots of love, light, and hugs.

    • lightnesstosee

      my son died too- a horrible pain in my heart every day. It does lessen after about 3 months- Of course we parents blame ourselves, no matter what the mantra “you didn’t cause it, you didn’t cure it” says. I play things I said to my son over and over in my mind, and blame myself, but it can’t bring him back. I am devoting myself to getting information to other parents. I took my son to alcohol detox and threw his vodka bottle into the trash at Walgreen’s-had to retrieve it sheepishly so he could keep drinking slowly at doctors’ orders until we reached the detox hospital so he didn’t go into seizure. All parents should be told this when they take a kid to detox-it’s not your fault you didn’t know. I was not told about the Sinclair Method of ending alcoholism-Look it up and tell others about it-It might have saved a year of alcohol’s destruction in my son

      • Dingbat

        Sinclare Method? Never heard about that. Will definitely look it up! Thanks. I have been in your shoes BEATING myself over what I should or should not have done. Ten long torturous years. I thought I would lose my mind. My daughter said she was sexually abused by my husband. I saw something once that wasn’t right and said something very loudly to him. That was before she told me. I believed her. The things she said, no child could have known and she was 8 years old. I got her to a safe place and drive 300 miles back and let me tell you, people CAN SEE RED!!! My 9 was off safety when he started coming towards me. I didn’t have to pull the hammer back as a bullet was chambered but I did anyway. I told him to try and take one more step. Do it because I WANT to splatter your brains all over this room! I’m 5′ and he was 6’5″. He backed out the house and to his truck and ran. My dad believed my daughter. No one else in my family stood behind her. Law enforcement refused to press charges … It was election year for the sheriff and he was a deputy. My name was slandered to He’ll and back. All my family deserted me. If my grandfather hadn’t passed away the year before, that shot would not have happened. I just completely broke down. My mother said she was lying. Never believed her. What I saw was what made me positive. I took my daughter to a counsellor, the whole 9 yards. My daughter would rather go into great detail telling ME every tiny detail. My daughter is going to be 35 in a few days and she was obviously told I never believed her. She has become a habitual liar, now on drugs and an alcoholic. I raised 3 of her 5 kids for 10 years. Other grandparents have youngest two. She tried taking her death so she didn’t have to pay a whopping $150 child support every month. I never asked for a dime. Court did that. I have no idea where she is. The only time she had contact with me since she graduated was when she was dumping her kids or wanted to steal my SSN so she could file her taxes on my number and divert the tax refund to herself. She was claiming the kids I was raising for several years, illegally. It’s taken me nearly 30 years to stop BEATING myself up. I can’t help her. She has to want to help herself. Alcoholusm/drug addiction runs on both sides of my family. Runs on her dad’s side (both parents) as well. I was lucky enough to have dodged that gene although I have had to be on pain meds for long periods of time but no problems getting off. Never had the taste for them. I did get in the Empathy Line too many times when it was being handed out. Must have thought it said Emerald Line. I’m an empath and feel everyone’s pain. Being alone is less stressful. My heart breaks for you and your son. It’s so easy to say, it’s not your fault, you have to stop blaming yourself, etc. I didn’t hear much, of any, of that except from my dad. My mom’s brother told me that every alcoholic has their name on so many drinks and they will not, can not, stop until they have drank them. Yes, his idea of a good time was a bottle of whiskey and cleaning out the ditch on I-35. Nothing was better than whiskey and a good fight, besides chasing skirts. He was a mean drink. He never lost a fight either. No, you don’t give alcohol to anyone with Native American blood. It is true. They don’t mix.

        You are NOT the reason your son died. I have learned so much the hard way (that NA blood again)! I miss my little girl so much. Its a physical ache in my heart. I wonder what would have happened if I had …? Or, if I had done …? I did the best I could, just as you did. When children reach the age around 12 and 13, no matter what we have taught them, they have their own beliefs and are going to do what they want.We can’t force them after a certain age. Its all up to them. My little girl doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t for nearly 20 years. She isn’t alive to me anymore because I have no idea who she is at all. Communication has been scarce from her. I do have three beautiful children … Don’t get to see other two often as they live in another state far away. Stop BEATING yourself up. I don’t think your son would want you to keep doing that. No, I don’t know him but my uncle told me himself there wasn’t a dambed thing my grandparents could have done to keep him from drinking. Nothing. He was going to do what he was going to do in spite of them. Lord knows my grandfather bailed him out repeatedly!!! Take care of you now. Your son watches over you, ya know. My dad passed 10 years ago and I can feel him and sometimes I smell his cologne. Your son is with you always. Take care and God bless you.

        • Dominica Applegate

          I am sorry for your pain… so many things to endure through your life… Thank you for encouraging others here in the forum. You are a light worker on the planet… I understand empathy… if not kept in balance, can bite you in the butt.

          Keep shining your light.

        • Shawna Lucas


          i am a sexual assault survivor and my mother is still dating the man who was just arrested. it took 20 years for me to think about prosecuting, and she was with him the entire time. what i wanted to let you know was that, i would have killed for a mother like you who had my back. your daughter is unfortunately lost as so many are, but you cannot blame yourself. you did the right thing and unfortunately predators are very manipulative so you probably did not see until it was too late. i too suffered from addiction to dull the pain so i am assuming i am around your daughter’s age. i am now fully well after being on MMT for 7 years. there is hope but she has to WANT it. don’t beat yourself up. you did what you could. again, i would kill for a mom that had my back… i am in deep sorrow over it daily. i truly hope you get this msg!


      • Lloyd Graving

        Words can not express my deepest sympathy and empathy for you in the loss of your son. I wish there were some compliatation of words that could be said to help ease your pain… There is none. Only time can help to heal the deepest emotional wounds that you are feeling, and I am truly sorry for you and the rest of those touched by this trama.
        I too am deeply dependant on alcohol. Ironically, it is working in the funeral industry that has been my excuse to allow alcohol to take over my life. Do not beat yourself up over this, but allow yourself time to heal. Generally, a parent (as I am one myself) will never be the same after a loss as great as this, an entire year seems to make the healing process easier. I too am going to go cold turkey. I know the odds, yes there is a 35% chance things will not end well, however there is a 100% chance things will end poorly if I continue the current path I am on. Through the recovery steps and process that you will have to endure, keep in mind that the odds and effects would have been years long and completely horrible if your son had not tried cold turkey. I know it doesn’t sound good to say this, and the comfort is minimal at best, but the reality is that if he didn’t stop, well, it would have been so prolonged and so painful. Count your days with your loved ones and cherrish them. None of us know which day will be our last. So make right with the ones you love and with your God and every day say the things you want. I hope that time will heal your hurts.

        • lightnesstosee

          thank you for your consolation. Instead of going cold turkey, which can actually be dangerous, why don’t you try the Sinclair method? My son told me a few days before he died that he had quit alcohol for good and he had been an end stage alcoholic. It may have been naltrexone that allowed him to forget about alcohol. Check out the blogs where people believe that they quit because of using this method

  • Rebbecca

    My thoughts are you are damn near right about methadone. I had a very bad addiction but I wasn’t an addict most of my life. I thought methadone would be the answer. The main problem is you can’t sleep when you are detoxing. But there are other side effects thatthey never tell you about such as flashes of hot and cold, constipation that’s painful, I got less of that reducing my dose, anxiety from hell, oh I could go on and on. It does work is it any safer? I don’t think so. Now I couldn’t go on sticking needles into my body or I would have died. With heroin, there are not too many alternatives, it can make your life a living hell

  • AnimeAunty

    I read these comments about pain patients being denied ANY kind of quality of life & realize it’s only going to get worse. Gov, CDC, & the like r so Lazer focused on the deaths caused by idiots overdosing on meds but care not 1 iota for how many r dying from being denied meds. What the hell is so wrong with an addict getting stabilized on meds? I have been narcotic dependant since I was 20, that’s 25 years, my entire adult existence. Now I am facing losing the last Dr n my state that will write my meds. It will kill me. I have no illusions, I won’t c 50. Being that my husband is 66 & has been dependant for far longer, I don’t c him faring any better. The CDC is misrepresenting the data. The deaths they claim r due to narcotics include heroin street junkies. The deaths from pills has actually gone down but the stats cannot reflect that bcuz it includes the junkies. Their number is increasing bcuz so many stable narcotic dependant people have been denied meds & turn to street heroin to stave of the withdrawals that rob ALL quality of life. But due to the nature of herion, these once stable, dependant people become addicts with all the tragedy & horror that come as a matter of course with herion. N almost all other fields of medicine, quality of life is a major consideration. Not so with pain management. I understand that the profession doesn’t want to make any NEW narcotic dependant people & I agree but those of us that have already made an educated decision & accepted that we would very likely have to b dependent for the rest of our lives need a different consideration. They have to draw a line somewhere for us dinosaurs. If u r facing fewer than 10 years of dependence, it’s gonna suck HARD but do what u have to to taper off NOW. The future is very dark for those that no longer have the chemical function to b off of meds & the powers that b just dont care anymore, they want us all dead. Avoid methadone at all costs bcuz it’s the one that will most likely kill u with withdrawals as I & my husband r soon to find out.
    I’m very sorry for all of u that also live with daily pain. Do not expect any help from any Dr n the way of pain meds. Hopefully some very rich person will eventually go to court when he’s told he can no longer get his meds. This whole issue could b resolved if one could legally absolve their Dr of any wrong doing n case of death with an ironclad waiver of some kind.
    Blessings to All & may the force b with u!



      • http://mylifeas3d.blogspot.com/ DeanDD

        LETITGO… I know you say you need the meds to get by, but benzos are only supposed to be used for short periods of time. Fifteen years is a long time to be taking lorazepam. The best thing might be for you to wean off of it under a doctor’s supervision and see if there’s another way to treat your anxiety. I know that’s not the answer you were looking for, but as someone who took Klonopin for anxiety for a few years, I can tell you I’m much better being off of it. It ended up making my life a living hell. Whatever you do, don’t stop taking the lorazepam cold turkey. You need to wean off of it slowly or it can be dangerous. Don’t be afraid to go to the ER and explain your situation. Or find an addiction specialist to help you. I wish I had a better answer for you, but I don’t. I’m sending you positive, healing vibes.

        • Jaylene Jo Tennier

          I so wish I could get off Xanax again, I have been on it for a total of 12 years. About 3 years ago my Dr left and I couldn’t get it refilled so I was left to deal with not getting it, I had no problems, no withdrawals or anything for 2 years I was off it. Well stupid me went back on it and now I’m finding it really hard to get off it, I feel like since I went off and back on it has made my anxiety worse. They have been slowly tapering me but I feel like shit everyday. I’m so scared of the withdrawals and dying. :(

        • AnimeAunty

          Don’t u get it? We r not being offered gentle titration. Only cold turkey. No one will care if we end up disabled or dead bcuz the withdrawals r NEVER the OFFICIAL reason for whatever state we end up n. Every Dr will say u can’t die from withdrawals but I personally know of 3 people. 2 from narcotics, 1 from benzos.

        • AnimeAunty

          Also, the ER won’t & can’t give the meds more than 1 time. The ER is a whole new animal.

      • AnimeAunty

        I’m so sorry Hun. My best advice is to start looking for a shrink. They r the only ones that can write benzos.
        Otherwise I would start looking for a street connection for any benzos so u can wean safer & wean u MUST!
        Gob Bless & good luck, A

    • Jaylene Jo Tennier

      I agree AnimeAunty

    • David Brannon

      Hatr to break the news to u but U ARE A JUNKIE TOO. There’s zero diff between a pill head & a heroin junkie. ur both hooked on dope & need help. I started on pills & when i couldn’t get them anymore I moved to heroin…. which sadly is where u are headed fast if u don’t get help. u make urself feel better by convincing urself u are better than a street junkie as u call us…. U R A JUNKIE, ACCEPT IT & GET SOME HELP B4 IT KILLS U! U think u know pleasure & pain…a year from now when u r a heroin junkie u will really know pleasure & pain.

      • AnimeAunty

        Hate to burst ur bubble but I left heroin a LONG time ago, been there done that for 12 years. Nothing on this planet would ever get my to use it again. I am very stable on my meds & have gone from 130mgs to 40mgs n 3 years & it has been very hard. My life is much bigger when I’m not constantly titrating but I can c which way the wind is blowing. Meds allow junkies stability & quality of life. What is so wrong with that? Zero tolerance causes more problems but a damage control policy offers productivity. Pain from 2 roll over accidents within 2 weeks that I was never treated for at 17 was the reason I ended up a junkie, my body is broken. We r now being told that what works for many of us is no longer available for no sensible reason. It’s all just self important people jockeying for whatever goal with no consideration for those that only have a life while on meds.

        • Sara L

          I can’t believe how ignorant & unsympathetic some people are. Since I was 15 years old I’ve suffered from chronic pain due to severe endometriosis. I’ve had 6+ surgeries, tried any & every alternative medicine (chiropractic, massage, PT, diet, accupunture, etc the list is longer). Finally UCSF Mt Zion chronic pain clinic convinced me to take methadone. For once in my life I was able to live a somewhat normal life (not laying down all day unable to walk or sit). After 15 years of being able to function, have a family & take care of my young children, home & husband now the government’s making me come off the drug they pushed on me!!!!
          It’s disheartening that this is most likey to the true druggies & pill poppers that faked illness/injury to obtain meds or bought on blackmarket, not those who are “drug dependant” in order to have a better quality of life.
          I’m glad I read your post & know I’m not the only one who See’s what’s happening.

      • Bartender

        Do you know the different between dependency and addiction? Clearly you don’t as you’ve called someone who has been dependent, which is normal for anyone who’s taken opioids for a long period of time. Addiction on the other hand, which this person clearly doesn’t have nor had presented any valid evidence of such, is when a person not only is dependent of going through withdrawals and cravings, but they will do whatever they can such as steal and devote their entire time for drugs without having a legitimate pain condition while completely neglecting their responsibilities and their health that they go broke trying to score drugs. The person you are replying to however is doing what she can to quell her pain as the WHO (world health organization) declares that everyone should be allowed to have their pain treated for their severe pain with opioids as opioids are a valid method of treating pain, including chronic. Because there are only 2 million people (most likely less) with addiction compared to the 100 milion plus in America with chronic pain, that you want to both ruin it for chronic pain patients who morally and ethically deserve opioid treatment for their pain for only so that a few bad apples cannot get drugs from legitimate doctors, and how you want to (and contribite to the following and also to even more unnecessary suffering of the following) ignorantly smear chronic patients dependent (at no fault of their own) on opioids despite their legitimate pain that can only be quelled with opioids. Just because you’re an addict yourself, that shouldn’t mean you should ruin it for others because you cannot control substances on your own. Because you’re an addict, you have not only caused suffering for chronic pain patients as doctors are highly wary because you keep trying, or at least addicts in general, to lie and con doctors for opioids that they won’t want to prescribe those who are legitimately suffering out of fear for their licenses, but your selfishness of further wanting to stick it to those in legitimate need of opioids (maybe you’re jealous that they have a legitimate need and you don’t) is what’s further breeding ignorance. You’re just hurting yourself and bringing further stigma against addicts because now, you’re angering the many of chronic pain patients by contributing towards their suffering with most likely your past of conning doctors or buying pills from dealers while contributing ignorant wishes of wanting to strip pain meds from those who legitimately need it because you have an addiction. You are one of the reasons chronic pain people have negative feelings towards addicts, even though we should both be sympathetic towards each other as you have a medical condition, but you still have the moral depravity of being a jerk to those that need opioid medication because you cannot get opioids from doctors no longer and want to make it harder for those that do need and deserve it. Once again, the problem with addicts is because they feel somehow that the medical profession had contributed towards thier addictions (it is very rare for someone who’s legitimately treated with opioids to develop an addiciton as taking opioids for legitimate pain is differently processed in the brain vs someone who has abused them without any legitimate pain such as yourself) that they ignorantly bash anyone (doctors, drug companies, chronic pain patients) that contributes opioids to patients, especially when they need it, because they have caused you harm. Also, how did you really start out on pills? I highly doubt that you started because a legitimate doctor (unless a slimy pill mill place that shouldn’t have given opioids to anyone that asks without a legitimate condition) gave you opioids for legitimate pain; this is the ignorant perception, especially among those who are neither chronic pain patients nor addicts of what they believe of how the so-called “opioid epidemic” which was caused by drug dealers and addicts, and the owners of the following, that went to illegitimate pill mills that have flooded the black market with prescription opioids as many people lined up, especially how drug dealers round up lots of people so that they can acquire the most amount of opioids in order to sell and get people addicted, at these pill mills. Most likely, you had stolen them from family members, got them from friends, or went to a drug dealer that got you hooked on pain meds. Once again, people who take opioids for pain do not develop addictions (and that’s a general statement; if doctors can ignorantly say “opioid withdrawal is not fatal at all” while there has been people who have died from dehydration, suffered from strokes, seizures, and heart attacks; or have become so depressed due to the lack of dopamine produced in the brain because no opioids are available that they end of killing themselves, let alone how people in so much pain after being cut off that they find death a better alternative sadly; then I can make a generally accurate statement too, despite a few rare exceptions) aside from dependency because their brain reacts differently, unlike yourself who has most likely taken pills in order to get high by abusing them; aside from genetics and a bad environment, you had made the wrong choice to abuse pills despite warnings to not do drugs at a young age which led towards your addiction. Stop being a troll that ultimately harms legitimate chronic pain patients with their legitimate need of opioids with your ignorance and selfish desires of wanting to ruin it for chronic pain patients.

  • Von

    I have recently found a way for me to quit XANAX and Hydrocodine.
    I had panic attacks. I thought they were heart attacks. The first panic attack was when I was 28 years old. I was taken to ER and given XANAX. So even though it wasn’t a heart attack the panic attack led me to believe it could be a heart attack. So I started taking a blue XANAX twice a day. I also was a semi professional soccer player. I guess using past injured parts of my body as an excuse for being subscribed pain meds. Yup 4 or 5 number tens would last me for a day. So for 35 years I took two Xanax per day and 4 tens for the first 20 years and 3 tens for 10 years and now I take 2 fives for the past 5 years.
    I’ve had only a few Doctors my entire life none of them really tried to stop my addiction. A new Doctor who wanted me off pain pills completely told me a new way that may help me tapper off.
    The product was CBD oil. Extra strength 1000 mg half dropper twice daily. I’m now down to one XANAX and one Hydrocodine per day. The Hydrocodine is only .5 mg. This CBD oil I’ve been taking has been a savior to my side effects. I’m 62 years old with a heart attack when I was 59. In the last 3 years I have slowly reduced but only to jump bam on the band wagon because cravings were strong. This oil has reduce my cravings with only taking it for a few weeks now. My normal Doctor said it’s against hospital rules to recommend this type of treatment but he did. No wonder the hospital doesn’t want it recommended b it’s doctors. It’s working for me. No feelings of panic attacks anymore. I can see me also getting off Zoloft in the near future.
    These hospitals and Doctors surely know that 40% of all patients become addicted and only now are realizing what they and us have created. A good 50 billion dollar class action suite against the largest opioid drug producers may promp them into helping with the addiction

  • David Brannon

    I have been a daily drug user since 89′. I finally hit bottom in 2015. I was using a gram of H, gram of Ice & eating upwards of 10 bars a day. I stumbled into a methadone clinic on Nov 12,2015. Now I’m in the worst addiction of my life trying to get off methadone. I was on 85mg a day. I’m on a 6 month detox but its way too fast. 5mg every 10 days is not tapering off. in 75 days or so I’m down to 45mg a day. I have epilepsy so my detox is causing seizures…. IDK what to do. Can’t stay on methadone forever like some people do but I can’t slow my detox cuz of stupid Federal Regulations on detoxing from a methadone clinic. Any ideas?

    • HappierNow

      I used the methadone up to a point where I might think I’m dying but I knew I wouldn’t. Then, I bare knuckled it in a detox center and after I allowed my body to go through this hopeful challenge, I have never wanted to put my mind, body or soul through that lifestyle ever again. Nothing about it is worth it.

    • Lisa Infantolino

      Please be careful!!!!!!!!!! Alcohol withdrawal seizures just killed my friend last week!!! He was 48. I am so devastated. Please be careful. Lots of love to you XO

    • Sara L

      I agree they are doing it way to fast!!! To quote my MD ” I would always tell my patients that a general rule is ‘the lower you go, the slower you go’.”
      I was taking 120mg/day and since starting taper schedule 12 months ago I’m down to 22mg/day!!
      I took methadone for past 20 years for chronic pain. The only symptoms I’ve had while decreasing is increased pain, but it only lasted 12 hours & so far that’s all.
      This is from the American Pain Society & I believe this is where my Dr got the info to create my taper schedule.
      [Typically, methadone (or any long acting opioid) can be effectively tapered by 5-10% every 1-2 weeks
      without causing significant opioid withdrawal symptoms. However, if the patient has significant risks
      that necessitate the need of a more rapid taper (i.e. somnolence, QTc prolongation >500ms, abuse or
      misuse, etc), methadone can be safely and effectively tapered over a 7-14 day period. In my experience,
      dose reductions of 20-30% have allowed dramatic decreases in methadone-related side effects.
      Medications that can help with opioid withdrawal symptoms during a taper include clonidine,
      hydroxyzine, Tylenol or ibuprofen, hyocosamine, ondansetron or Phenergan, and fluids.]

      Good luck, you CAN do it, but slow & steady wins the race, slowly is much more safe!
      Sara :)

    • Susan Gibson

      I’m so confused…why can’t you slow your detox down? What federal regulations? At my clinic in Louisiana it’s our choice how slow or fast we want to taper…

  • Jacklyn

    I am at a loss. I’m addicted to methadone and I have no money to pay for a detox facility and I don’t want to die and leave my kids. What can I do to get off of this?!?!?!?! The withdrawals are very bad and I can’t handle them

    • corey

      i see its been 12 days since your post. Are you doing okay and fighting through? im in the same boat and was at 50-60mg a day and my contact pulled the rug out from me and ended my supply to so i cant continue to lower my doses. I was at 100mg. Im really scared, I have no insurance, no money, and Im all alone :(

    • Bertha

      Contact health and human services or your county medical and ask them if there are programs. Or you can check yourself into the ER and tell them what’s going on and you feel sick because you’re withdrawing. Do take care and don’t go cold turkey. You can create a road map of titration for your dosages so you do a LITTLE less every few days. And find some things that help you stay calm. Good luck! Take care.

    • Sara L

      Jacklyn, 1st of all you can do it & it’s brave of you to reach out for help. I am 39 years old & am in the process myself of tapering off. 8 years ago I also tapered off when became pregnant. I have been taking methadone to help w/chronic pain for past 20 years. My Dr is having me quit now because of the federal government’s new imposed rules. I am guessing you are NOT addicted to methadone, but dependant on it to live a somewhat normal life (as am I.)
      In the past 12 months I have been slowly tapering off w/a detailed schedule my MD made me. It’s such a slight decrease every 2 weeks that I’ve only had mild symptoms of increased pain, and they only lasted 12-24 hours. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It’s a pain stakingly long process but worth it.
      I was taking 120 mg/day & now only take 21mg/ day!!! I’ve been told that if you do the slow taper your body will adjust & you should feel the same as did when was taking more.
      Here is the info my Dr used to create my taper schedule, taken from the American Pain Society.
      [Typically, methadone (or any long acting opioid) can be effectively tapered by 5-10% every 1-2 weeks
      without causing significant opioid withdrawal symptoms. However, if the patient has significant risks
      that necessitate the need of a more rapid taper (i.e. somnolence, QTc prolongation >500ms, abuse or
      misuse, etc), methadone can be safely and effectively tapered over a 7-14 day period. In my experience,
      dose reductions of 20-30% have allowed dramatic decreases in methadone-related side effects.
      Medications that can help with opioid withdrawal symptoms during a taper include clonidine,
      hydroxyzine, Tylenol or ibuprofen, hyocosamine, ondansetron or Phenergan, and fluids.}

      Honestly, I really did not think it would work, but it has.
      Good luck & don’t give up!

  • Vickie Collier

    My husband stopped taking methadone and xanax after 12 years. He just decided to detox himself and quit cold turkey. We have been married for 28yrs. I can’t imagine my life without him. I’m really worried and concerned about what he’s goin through. I cry everytime I see him. His whole body shakes an trembles from nerve damage. Can someone PLEASE HELP.

    • Max

      He need medical help.

    • Lisa Infantolino

      Please have him get proper medical care to detox…Alcohol withdrawal killed one of my best friends on feb 24th. He was only 48. He had a grand mal seizure. Please get help…Or have someone stay with him 24/7.

    • Lisa Marie Walsh

      PLEASE encourage him to go to a physician’s for evaluation.We should NEVER attempt or try to”cold turkey” before consulting a medical professional from ANY drug particularly:Alcohol&benzodiazepines i.e. valium,xanax,klonopin Etc as it can cause seizures and death!! It’s never a good idea OR safe attempting withdrawal/detox from any drug without medical supervision.Getting examined allows obtaining info on what to expect,all the side effects and complications that can occur with YOUR particular situation, as everyone is different,from there making informed choices on proceeding with detoxing which can ensure withdrawing in a safe manner.

    • Sanhearn

      I hope he’s doing better. I had been on Xanax for at least a few years and weaned off for maybe 3 months. This was about 5 years ago.. I had tried before but didn’t do it properly. Went into seizures and and passed out wound up in the hospital for about a week. If a person tries to quit Xanax cold turkey, it is extremely dangerous and it could kill them.

  • PippisMa

    My insurance company decided that cold-turkey withdrawal is best so I am in the midst of that and really hope it just kills me so I don’t have to try to live with the pain of being crushed by a quarter of a ton along with 4 other serious health issues.

    • Dominica Applegate

      I’m sorry you are struggling so much…. I hope you can get some relief soon.

    • Tom Romano

      I don’t blame you. I have been on methadone, benzos, sleeping pills and medical marijuana and all of my Drs. are saying the state is making them stop prescribing those medications… so now I’ll be buy benzos and ambien and shooting heroin again for the 1st time in over 30 years. I will be dead soon

  • Max59

    Are you considered a junkie, when you take less meds than are suscribed?

    • acappella

      Right? And how about when you’re taking your prescribed dose and you have been for years? Idk what to think other than (possibly) the DEA needs more to do or the media has no other ambulances to chase. Remember crack babies? Did Americans become bored with that topic?

  • Mary Barnes Johnson

    I am also on methadone and they are taking me down 5mg a day and I’m on 80 mg. Should i be worried?

    • Susan Gibson

      Hi! Why are they taking you down so quickly? Is there somewhere else that you can go?

    • Dana

      They really shouldnt take you down
      More than 2 mg a week

  • Michelle

    I was prescribed hydrocodone ES-7.5, 1-6 daily as needed for pain for 20 straight years. With all the new state regulations it was suddenly stopped one month when I put in for my refill. This June 2018 will be 2 years since it was stopped.
    I was told last night by my cardiologist that at some point in the last year or 2 I had a heart attack (news to me). This falls on the heels of a ruptured SAH 2 months ago, & the dead heart muscle & blockage that was found while in the ICU getting the SAH coiled & now pending a Shunt. (Hydrocephalus)
    The Cardio advised last night the Stent he initially wanted in can wait & the ‘dead’ heart muscle may just be ‘sleeping’….I cannot find anything regarding ‘sleeping’ heart muscle anywhere… my question: could I have had a heart attack from stopping the hydrocodone cold turkey after 20 straight years of taking it daily without fail?

  • http://mylifeas3d.blogspot.com/ DeanDD

    John Q…. I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad. But suicide is not the answer. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I urge you to go to an ER or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. There are people who love you and need you, my friend.

    • Thomas damron

      There is hope….i beat a 150 mg a day methadone habit..tapered down to 45 and dropped cold turkey..it was pure fucking agony…dont kill yourself your family needs you no matter if you realize it or not … I just wanted to maybe give you a little hope…i will pray for your recovery brother….

  • Shim

    Let me ask, with all due respect—-were you not exercising before your doctor started lowering your dose?

  • Kenean Johnson

    My dad has been going through a rough stage lately and he has drank for quite a few years so now so his body depends on it and now lately he has been day drinking. How should I take precautions? TIA!

    • Sara

      He needs to get medical help. If someone has been drinking everyday for long periods, just stopping can be deadly. Please consult a doctor or rehab.

  • acappella

    I also know what you’re going through in terms of your methadone withdrawal. I was forced to go from 80 mgs to 60 in two weeks, 60 to 40, 40 to 20, etc. My chronic pain is caused by a neurological disorder that’s a documented cause of severe pain. Those with severe pain should be on an opiate of some form or another according to physicians from all over, and I’ve been on those 80 mgs for over a decade, without adding anything else. My physician had his license pulled by the DEA and so my unwarranted withdrawal began. I spent a year, despite taking Percocet, in unimagable pain and anxiety; no — outright fear. It was the worst year of my life and there’s no way to get it back. I’m genuinely sorry about what’s happened to you — there is no reason why it should happen to anyone. I loathe the media — they promote fear in Americans — a country which feeds and pays for fear. I mean, write a story in which people have died and we’re all up in arms for it to stop, nevermind the consequences! Having said that, please try to either bite the bullet through the process, or get yourself to a methadone clinic. That’s a reaming of a different nature, but they won’t cut you off of methadone.

    Good luck and always remember that there are alternatives, always.